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Florida bass fishing with Capt Terry Lamielle. He guides for large mouth bass on The Stickmarsh and Farm 13 just west of Vero Beach Florida.

With only a little more than 6500 acres of water to fish, the Stickmarsh is like no other. For Florida bass fishing the Stick Marsh has been rated as one of the top lakes to fish for not only it's consistent numbers of largemouth bass but also a chance and a good chance at that, to catch a fish over the 10 pound size that so many freshwater anglers spend a lifetime to accomplish.

Bass Fishing in the Stickmarsh.

There are two areas in this waterway that sit side by side. The northern side is what is called the Stickmarsh. This area holds many submerged stumps from what used to be old orange groves and willow trees. With an average water depth of 5-6 ft. the only structure these fish relate to is the stumps. Vegetation is thin but can be found in the area and is something to target when found.

Bass Fishing Farm 13

Big Bass

The southern end of the waters is called FARM 13. As in it's name it once was a farming area for growing radish plants and other vegetables. This part of the impoundment has lots to offer for fishing. Some stumps mostly in the southern most area and has thick Hydrilla to fish in and around. It also has old submerged road beds that hold fish as well.

Heavy tackle is recommended to fish this waterway because of the structure. Anything from 12 LB. test to 20 LB. test line will do as also the many braided lines that are on the market. The normal lures that work on any other freshwater lake will work at the impoundment.

For the naturist in all of us Alligators swim freely about these waters and can be seen sunning on the banks when the weather gets cool. Many birds find these waters home as well. Marsh Osprey's, White Egrets, Blue Herons and in the wintertime White Pelicans make themselves home for all to see.

The Stickmarsh and Farm 13 are a nature lovers playground with many diverse creatures to look at and take pictures of, that includes everything from gators to gulls and everything in-between. And for anglers who prefer fishing for 10 pound lunker largemouth bass or other freshwater fish the Stickmarsh is your little piece of freshwater fishing in a state surrounded by saltwater oceans.

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